T’s Athletic Zone LLC

Services & Rates (Private Sessions)

Pricing & Services (Private Sessions)

TAZ LLC can help you! 

Pricing for Services 

  • Fitness with Strength & Conditioning - $30 hour
  • Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, & Nutrition- $45 hour

Couples Fitness-

Individual Fitness-

Teachers Fitness-

Team Specials-

Group Fitness-

Church Ministry Fitness-

Youth Fitness-

Adult Fitness-

Athletic Performance- $50 hour

Our services will help you reach your goals. The athletes develop the skills necessary to be fast and quick on their feet, highly coordinated with smooth footwork, strong and balanced, as well as confident and mentally prepared. We target areas to help you compete at a higher and more effective level for better performance. 

Beyond physical improvements, sports performance training cultivates mental toughness, instills discipline, and fosters a positive mindset that can benefit your athlete throughout their life. The journey to athletic excellence begins with a single step.